Tuesday, May 26, 2015

OMG Rand is a Compost Hugger

Rand Paul's attempt to build a Big Bunker GOP will have a place for compost huggers.

Mike Allen in Politico (via Lew Rockwell) reports on Rand's new book, Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America:
Chapter 16 (of 17), “Tree Hugger”: “The New GOP has a place for those who want to … provide for a cleaner, brighter future for our planet. In the New GOP, it will be okay to watch Jon Stewart … In the New GOP, it will be just as admirable to defend the Fourth Amendment [searches and seizures] as the Second Amendment. In the New GOP it is cool to compost, shop at the farmers market … That’s the GOP I hope to lead.”

So now we have two positions it appears Rand will not flip-flop on: hugging compost and hugging Israelis.



  1. What's wrong with composting? I find the whole process amazing. And my veg loves it.

    1. There' nothing wrong with composting but to make it a political issue as though there is some great right-left divide on composting is idiotic.

  2. I think Mr. Wenzel is frustrated by the intrusion of sentimentality into what he thinks ought to be a level-headed discussion about serious problems. The fact is that the biggest impediment to the spread of libertarian ideas in many circles is our image. Our opponents have gone to great lengths to build up a strong caricature in people's minds of what a libertarian is. Any opportunity to smash such caricatures should be taken. A thoughtful libertarian can and should be the biggest hippie in the wigwam, when he's is the wigwam. It's simple marketing. Replacing words like "efficiency" or "profit" with "sustainable" and "harvest" when discussing economic matters can disarm a lot of landmines in a hippie's head.