Friday, May 8, 2015

INTERVIEW: Walter Block on Rand Paul

Albert K Lu interviews Walter Block and puts his feet to the fire on his endorsement of Rand Paul. An interesting interview here.



  1. I'm struck by Block's claim that voting is not a violation of the non-aggression principle...and that it's a "silly argument" to say it is.


    I've some thinking to do about that...but I suppose if you could vote for someone that would do nothing but move the amount of NAP violations committed by the gov't backwards in totality that might be true....I just don't see that that has EVER happened in the history of US elections...not once.

    At least Block touches on subjectivity in regard to whether it's time "well spent" to vote, I suppose you can make the same argument for those wanting to vote in that they are taking some subjective measurement of whether a candidate will move the scales of NAP violation backwards in the big picture versus forwards...I'm just not convinced that has ever been the case even once in US electorate history.

    Great interview, thanks for the post RW.

  2. Nick,

    Don't cave just because Walter Block said something. If you vote for ANYONE that advocates any role for government you are voting for violation of NAP.

    1. I'm not "caving"- just thinking.

      I do that a lot. I always take Block seriously and weigh what he argues/says carefully. That doesn't mean I always agree, but given the man's track record, his contributions to liberty, etc. he deserves to be considered carefully.

      That being said, we all have the capacity to be wrong, so there's that too.

      The NAP on it's surface seems an easy philosophy to understand, putting it into practice in our daily lives in an imperfect world is much more difficult. (and I'm not saying that anyone should vote, I'm just thinking out loud)