Monday, May 11, 2015

If Rand Paul Would Only Do These Three Things, I Would Support His Presidential Campaign

By Robert Wenzel

Three baby steps needed from Rand Paul.

There are some libertarians that have support Rand Paul for the Republican presidential nomination on the grounds that he is "the least evil." But is Rand that really much different than other politicians in the evil category? Is he really, in any way, cutting at the epicenter of the evil state? I think not.

If Rand would do the following three things, which I would consider first steps (baby steps) in getting at the core of the evil Empire, I would support him:

1. A call for an immediate across the board cut in taxes by 25%. Rand is calling for a switch to a Fair Tax, which probably means a national sales tax, This is simply a shell game that attempts to squeeze money out of us from another direction.

I would like to see tax cuts based on the current tax structure: 25% across the board. I don't want to see any shell games about changing the tax structure,

I would like to see all taxes eliminated, but I will settle, at the start, for advocacy from a presidential candidate of an immediate 25% across the board reduction.

2. A call for an end to all active US military operations where US military is either engaged in fighting or are providing "advice to fighters." Notice I am not calling for the removal of the Empire's troops from around the world, which I would desire on libertarian grounds, But simply a step in that direction by stopping the US from aiding, abetting or actively involved in overseas killing.

Rand is great in proclaiming he is against wars that are already over (See his views on Libya and Iraq II), but what about ongoing hostilities and potential hostilities? He has talked tough against Russia in the Ukraine, Iran, and Islams in a more general way. For my support, Rand has to stop being belligerent to other nations, groups and individuals and call for a halt to the ongoing US involvement in overseas killings.

3.A call for the end of all government involvement in education. It is the education system that is at the epicenter of keeping students dumb-downed and ill informed of views and perspectives that oppose those of the state. They are filled, on a daily basis with politically correct nonsense that has nothing to do with an understanding of the libertarian ideas on which this country was founded (Never mind even more aggressive libertarian ideas).  I am not talking about just ending the Department of Education. I am talking about ending voucher programs that can only be used at government approved educational organizations; The end of government support of student loans, loans which do nothing but result in the government controlling college education and resulting in astronomical costs for those going to college; An end to the "No child left behind." Government should leave all kids behind.

If Rand would do these three things. I would happily support him. I wouldn't care what his positions would be on anything else. (Just call me the great compromiser.)

If he can't do these three things that strike at the core of totalitarian government control, then what good is he?  How is he really different from any other politician. If a politician doesn't take at least these baby steps that make serious moves to rip at the core of the Empire, then no matter what he calls himself, he is of  little use to a libertarian who wants to see a near total, if not total, shrinkage of government.

To do volunteer work, donate, support, endorse or vote for any politician that can't at least do these three things is a waste of time, effort and money, That time, effort and money should be used in attempting to changing people's minds in the direction of liberty, not wasting those resources attempting to change people's minds to vote for someone, who can't take even baby steps in the direction of liberty.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher at and at Target Liberty. He is also author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics


  1. Can we find no better champion of libertarian ideas? Gary Johnson doesn't seem to be much better than Rand.

    1. He's not Ron Paul, but Gary is better than Rand.

  2. Rand Paul promises to make the blood funnel shoved down our throats more tolerable, and make the handcuffs more comfortable as the parasitic organism he is a part of sucks us dry. He is too vested in the existing organism to every raise his voice again, because he knows he is becoming a skin lesion which the neocons are going to have removed if he becomes anymore of an irritation to Republican body politics. If Rand ever entertained any of the three ideas listed above, he would soon find his political career vaporized by a laser dermatologist on the Republican parties speed dial. I am also sure he would have to pay for the numbing cream, and pharmaceuticals out of his own pocket.

    1. Whoa! You make my skin crawl!!

    2. Dear Captain Mike

      I have witnessed way too many Fraxel, and Deep FX laser treatments to allow my knowledge of these efficacious procedures go to waste, and besides it is a close approximation of what the neocons would put Rand through if he ever entertained the thought of going against the Republican hordes embrace of war without end.

      In my opinion the U.S. has operated over the entirety of my life as a blood lusting parasite that seeks to infect it's host with DNA that enables the American people to love their lives of indefinite servitude, and look forward to getting up in the morning, and waving the multi-colored piece of cloth, known as a flag. In my research I have found the real origins of our republic to be way darker, and more ominous than we have ever been led to believe. I will not soften what I really think, time is short, and I have seen too much to go quietly.

      With Great Respect


  3. Wenzel, I will take one of these - item 2 would be my first choice, although item 3 would have the most long-term benefit for liberty.

    Heck, if he just said something nice about Murray Rothbard I might consider sending a couple shekels...wait, that probably didn't come out right.