Monday, May 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton Campaign Staffers are Getting 'Mooked'

Despite her plans to raise $1.5 billion for her campaign, Hillary, during this run, unlike when she ran against Obama, is not going to be without serious spending control.

Politico reports:
[C]ampaign manager Robby Mook is intent on creating a new culture around money, spending and flashy displays by staffers.

There are no business cards — a move that’s emblematic of Mook’s frugal and Quaker-like philosophy. In his view, working on a high-profile race isn’t supposed to be a star-making vehicle for staffers (at least not until after they win).

There are also no telephones at Clinton HQ in Brooklyn. Instead, Mook has instructed the staff to use a free voice-over Internet service, with headsets plugged into laptops. For their personal cell phones, they receive a modest reimbursement every month that many say doesn’t actually cover the phone bill...

In perhaps his hokiest attempt at instituting a new money culture, Mook is giving out a “Super Saver” award every month to the staffers who saved the most money. Mook isn’t spending money on an actual award: the thrifty staffers’ names will be posted on a wall in the office...
Mook has told everyone to stay with supporters while traveling, and avoid hotels when possible..

Meanwhile, the 80,000 square-feet of office space at the headquarters remain almost as bare as the day the campaign signed the lease. There is no conference room table— staffers pull together folding chairs for meetings. The cardboard boxes in which computers and printers were delivered do double duty as stands for televisions and printers, which are all default set to print double-sided to save paper.

Now if we could only get Mook to mook government in a Clinton administration. But I am not betting on it, even with Mook's money.



  1. "(at least not until after they win)"

    And then what?

  2. Then they hit the jackpot!

  3. Thats pretty funny, everyone thinks she has got such a lock on the White House, nobody is giving her any money.