Sunday, May 31, 2015

Has the Mont Pelerin Society Gone Neocon?

The Mont Pelerin Society, founded by Friedrich Hayek, has tweeted out the below horrific video calling for the US to be the world's policeman.



  1. Yeah, only 500,000 were killed in Rwanda, that's Girl Scout stuff. You need an Empire to get the job done right and kill millions.
    This guy in the video is completely out of touch with reality. Obviously.

  2. Has he googled "police brutality video"?

    Where is the US supposed to get all of the resources required to do this policing? Has he not noticed the federal deficit, or the unfunded future liabilities?

    Has he not noticed that a whole lot of the world (including those of us under its claimed domestic jurisdiction) doesn't really consider D.C. to be a very good adjudicator of disputes?

    Does D.C.'s track record in Vietnam, Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, etc really inspire confidence?

  3. As in Dennis Prager university? Say no more.

  4. As in Dennis Prager University? Mystery solved QED.