Sunday, May 10, 2015

Finally, A Presidential Accomplishment I Can Get Behind

By Chris Rossini

The toady U.S. media is praising Obama for being the 4th President to visit all the U.S. states.

Finally, an accomplishment I can actually tolerate.

Sure, Obama wastes tons of money flying all over the place, and his entourage costs a pretty penny as well. The President also inconveniences the populations that are unfortunate enough to receive his motorcades. Everyone must stand frozen in their tracks when El Presidente comes through.


This type of pomp is much more preferable compared to when the President spends time waging disgusting wars, and turning entire industries (e.g., healthcare) into fascist nightmares.

Go ahead Mr. President, travel it up. Visit all the baseball stadiums and sing the national anthem with the troops.

Setup a website where you review VFW meatball recipes.

Who makes the best meatballs? Visit to see President Obama's reviews!

No more signing bills, or laws, or treaties, or "free trade" agreements. The President should dilly-dally with travel and meatball tastings as much as possible. The rest of us will get to breathe a little more as a result.


  1. Furthermore, if only we could pay all the DC bureaucrats to do nothing, we would all be better for it.

  2. I always find it humorous when Obama gets flak for vacationing too much in Hawaii. Like Mr. Rossini, I'd much rather he sat on the beach and played golf than blowing up children in Pakistan!