Tuesday, May 5, 2015

EMPIRE OF LIES: The Ron Paul Documentary

Great news!

New York Times best-selling  author Charles Goyette has launched a campaign to fund a major new documentary about Ron Paul and his ideas about liberty.

Charles emails:
Ron has been approached many time to cooperate in a documentary project like this, but he hasn’t been comfortable that the filmmakers really understood the freedom philosophy, sound money and Austrian economics, and a non-interventionist foreign policy.  I’m honored to have his confidence with this subject.

I felt it was crucial to fund this at the grassroots level.  I have long experience in the world of corporate media, and am not willing to make the kind of weak story that might have resulted from such a venture.  I want to keep this project independent and am turning to libertarians and Ron Paul supporters for their help.
 Here are the full details:



  1. Charles, your attempt at raising Ron Paul's message from the dead is too little too late. The body of Ron's work has been so corrupted, and defiled by his only political heir that it would be like raising Lazarus from the dead. Why at this late hour would you undertake an endeavor that has zero chance of making a meaningful mark on the public consciousness when it was Ron Paul who willfully committed political suicide by running as a Republican in 2012?

    If I thought there was a one percent chance of reanimating his political ideas against a backdrop of overwhelming media propaganda I would support this project. From my vantage point this attempt at a breakout by a small pocket of resistance is going to be out run by the neocons planned course of events. The neocons still have an abiding political faith in the practical uses of "Shock and Awe". Ron Paul's ideas, and the American public will be steamrolled by the neocons masterful use of false flags, and a literally unrelenting blitzkrieg to war. This political exercise will have an ending that is identical to that of the classic 1969 cartoon short, Bambi Vs. Godzilla.

    If you are going into this with the full understanding that you are making a final rebel's stand under the banner of Ron Paul's concepts of liberty, then I approve. I know you reject the prospect of god, but hopefully we all possess a moral line in the sand which we will not cross in a vain attempt to appease this psychotic state.