Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Coveting Jade Helm

By Chris Rossini

You can file this Jade Helm comment with Rick Perry's.

This one is from West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin:
“I don’t know what’s going on in Texas. I don’t know the paranoia that goes on in Texas, but the people in West Virginia welcome — welcome the Special Forces exercises.”

“Please come to West Virginia. We’ll welcome you with open arms. We’re not afraid of you, we embrace you, we want you to be part of us.”


  1. Yeah, sure. The stupid son-of-a-bitch lives in D.C.!!
    There's your 17th amendment in a nutshell.
    And I love the "The people of West Virginia" bit. What, he took a poll?!?!?!?

  2. How is the murder of innocents abroad, and the murder of all enemies, foreign and domestic, sanctified by an oath to a mysterious document that came out of nowhere during the planned revision of the Articles of Confederation? How can a mysterious document that came to be known as the Constitution sanctify murder, and assume a magnitude of power far beyond the admonition of god, "You shall not murder"?

    To me it is an enduring mystery why individuals who volunteer to parcel out indiscriminate death, destruction, and division of spoils, are worshiped by people in this country as if they are messengers of god's divine judgement. Could it be that the good citizens of West Virginia envy the men and women in uniform because they have held the ultimate power of life or death, and did not waver to execute earthly judgement, that is god's alone?

    Think about the phrase, "all enemies, foreign and domestic", and ask yourself if you would feel safe when men, and women in uniform walk the streets of America dispensing judgement? To me the answer is clear.

    No wonder I have always turned my back, and walked away when they are in my vicinity. I give them nothing.