Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Columbia University Neuroscientist: Decrimanlize All Drugs

Carl Hart, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at Columbia University, gave a TEDMD talk n 2014. It's not perfect but pretty good. He does seem to favor some role for government in drugs and drug education, and I am not sure he understands the government role in youth black unemployment.


  1. Decriminalizing all drugs would be a step in the right direction but this is an old idea that has gone nowhere. And his suggestion that " should inform government policy..." is horrifying. As his own talk reveals, "science" has been used as an excuse for the harsh drug laws that have resulted in the current prohibition nightmare. His search for answers has been coopted by his immersion in government (Air Force to tax funded university system). Rather than studying the addictive qualities of drugs it would be interesting to see him study the addictive qualities of government money which floods the university system.

  2. One last comment and I'll let it go. Rather than an inspirational story of a drug dealer raising himself up to be a PhD professor it was another tragic story of an entrepreneur forced out of business by government thugs, brainwashed by the government's military thugs and rewarded with a government loot funded job in the universities. A pitiful situation.