Thursday, May 14, 2015

College Student Tells Jeb Bush: "Your Brother Created ISIS"

At a  town hall meeting in Reno, Nevada, yesterday a college student confronted Jeb Bush and  told him, “Your brother created ISIS.”

 Ivy Ziedrich, a 19-year-old student at University of Nevada who said she was a registered Democrat, approached Bush after the event and told him he was wrong about the origins of the terror group:

 “You stated that ISIS was created because we don't have enough presence and we've been pulling out of the Middle East. However, the threat of ISIS was created by the Iraqi coalition authority, which ousted the entire government of Iraq. It was when 30,000 individuals who are part of the Iraqi military were forced out. They had no employment, they had no income, yet they were left with access to all the same arms and weapons. Your brother created ISIS!”


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  1. Really it was John "I'm not a P.O.W., but I play one on T.V." McCain.