Friday, May 29, 2015

BREAKING Silk Road Creator Ross Ulbricht Sentenced

U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest has sentenced Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht to LIFE. This is a developing story return to this post for updates.


The states view: UPDATE 2 UPDATE 3 UPDATE 4


  1. No possibility of parole....murderers get off easier. What a tragedy.

    1. The Feds have done away with parole and replaced by credit for good time. For those individuals sentenced under the law before parole was phased out, they are still eligible for parole.

  2. The central banks in the western world are accelerating a cashless society so the parasites can suck us dry utilizing negative interest rates, taxes on accounts, and direct threats, yet the our government decided Ross Ulbricht was the real threat for tilting the game board ever so slightly.

  3. No! No! No! Judge, It's what you and your ilk do to peaceful acting people that is "terribly
    destructive to the social fabric".

  4. Ironically what the court just did is take the life of a non-violent law breaker. The State was very successful in "sending a message", that the State is a ruthless criminal organization that will crush anyone that ignores their arbitrary dictates. This court hearing was reminiscent of the religious trials that took place during the middle ages.

  5. Mass murderers get off easier. Ulbricht had no victims whatsoever, there were no complainants. Thus, this verdict is purely about how badly Ulbricht offended the state.

    As far as the severity of multiple life sentences without parole, it is now as it ever was - the state reserves its harshest punishments to those that threaten not life, liberty, or property, but who threaten the state. This over-the-top punishment for a victimless crime is the modern day equivalent of the king publicly disemboweling those who challenge his rule or the pope cutting out the tongues then burning at the stake those who question the church.

    The state's reaction to Ulbricht tells you it is running scared of what he did. It tells you Ulbricht hit them where it hurts. It tells you how much of an existential threat to the state dark markets powered by Bitcoin actually present.

    It also presents a useful case to refer minarchists and beltarians to by way of reminding them what they continue to support and stand for. It presents a useful reminder to those who continue to think the state isn't really all that bad at heart or who are under the misconception the state would not readily employ the most violent and extreme means at its disposal against citizens when its own interests are threatened.

  6. So much for women being more "compassionate".
    Like I noted last week, I'm suffering from "outrage fatigue". And maybe that's the plan.
    Just a big sigh and a slug of Irish. I feel for my kids.

  7. The Judge is satanic and will get her reward. Pray for Ross. May he still impact the world and find a new calling to proclaim the good.

    Injustice is everywhere, but the oppression doled out by the federal US system to non-violent business men is rage-inducing.