Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Walter Block vs. Richard Epstein: The Anarchy Debate

This starts off as a debate on Eminent Domain but turns into a debate on anarchy

(ht Michael Edelstein)


  1. That "last comment" Walter made was devastating.

    Epstein's fundamental flaw in his own logic is the notion that the state providing "services" via coercion justifies it's existence. For such an intelligent man it seems a stupid notion.

    There's not one service provided by government that people would voluntarily buy that can't be done better and for less by private companies in free markets.

    Even further, how can he accept the idea that a "small government" should exist without considering the reason he wants it "small" to start?

  2. It might be nice if it were possible to create a violent monopoly which only did the things which were truly economically efficient and remained content to do just those things (assuming for the moment that it were possible to determine what those things were). However, anyone in control of a violent monopoly, or any subset of it, won't be content to do just those things. There is no perfect amount of law and order, there is no perfect amount of roads, there is no perfect amount of defense, aside from costs and costs can only be determined by competitive supply.

  3. Fantastic debate! Walter Block dominated as usual in my opinion.