Wednesday, April 22, 2015

U.S. Marshal Attacks Cop Watcher and Destroys Her Cell Phone

I love video cell phones. They can be used as a great monitor of evil government activities and get the masses riled up. This kind of stuff is going to cause coppers at every level of government to become extremely cautious and hesitant.

We are watching even when the coppers try to destroy the evidence!

And watch the creepy mainstream news outlet NBC Los Angeles hide the face of the criminal Marshall.


Here is the unedited version.



  1. Does anyone know how to use your cell phone to record and upload live, so that the video is not only stored on the phone's memory, but also on the internet? This will solve the problem seen above.

  2. My first close encounter with a band of marauding wolves opened my eyes to the vicious nature of people when they put on a uniform, and the intervening 47 years has only lessened my opinion of the lunatic pack that seeks to cow us.

    Remember that you will be forced with violence to submit because you are perceived as an outside threat to their pack of wolves. When you maintain eye contact with the wolves you are not submitting to the pack, and the video camera app is seen as the eyes of the world.

  3. Is the video of the camera which was attacked available or has anyone interviewed tha woman?