Thursday, April 16, 2015

UNEARTHED: A 1995 Video of a Youthful Obama Speech at Harvard

Jack Cashill writes:
A professionally shot video of Barack Obama from 1995 has recently surfaced.  Shot at the Cambridge, Mass. Public Library, the video captures a skinny, youthful Obama promoting his then newly released memoir, Dreams from My Father.

In this hour-long presentation, Obama openly talks about his relationship with his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist and pornographer.  Perhaps more importantly, Obama gives us a much clearer picture of who he was in 1995, on the cusp of his political career, than we had seen before.

Some observations..

The Obama of 1995 was not a firebrand, at least not on the surface.  He presented himself to the small, roughly half-black Cambridge audience as an optimistic, easy-going liberal.  In the question-and-answer session, he distinguished himself from the more obviously angry black professor Cornel West.  “Cornel West has to go back to his Bible.  Got to have faith,” said Obama in a black accent almost as cringe-inducing as the one Hillary rolls out on occasion.  In fact, Obama turned that accent on throughout the presentation, especially when answering questions from black women.

Obama’s allusion to the Bible was purely metaphoric.  He made no reference to his much bruited Christian faith.  He made no reference to Islam, either.  Despite his concession that white Americans were “basically decent,” Obama did not think they were “making a serious effort” to compensate for the “brutal experience” of black history.  That “was going to cost some money,” and, according to Obama, “Americans don’t like to sacrifice.”

Obama made the supersized claim that “American culture at this point, what is truly American, is black culture to a large degree.”  As evidence, he cited Pulp Fiction, a pop-art gangster movie with a surfer music sound track and an Italian-American director...

Obama did not write Dreams unaided.  In listening to Obama speak, one could not help but note the stark difference between the eloquence of the words he read and the tortured syntax of the words he spoke.  Sentences like “Most black folks always have an open hand to individual whites” were not unusual in his talk.

What is more, in answering a question on how he organized his writing, Obama could not quite get his story straight.  He never can.  In this retelling, he initially planned to write an academic treatise on racial issues, but at some point he shifted instead to a family history.


  1. For those that don't know already, Frank Marshall Davis IS Obama's real father.

  2. While working for Timothy Geithner's father, Stanley Ann took 6-year-old Barry to Indonesia during a period when over 600,000 people were being slaughtered, and hired a transvestite to care for him during his first exposure to Muslims. Then, Stanley Ann dumped Barry on her dysfunctional parents who had some connection to the CIA back in Hawaii, and her father soon arranged for Barry to be mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a known pornographer, who moved to Hawaii in order to start a communist revolution. Stanley Ann then prepared for Barry to go to the well known CIA conduit, Occidental College where he met his future mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who founded the Trilateral Commission along with David Rockefeller who currently employs Peter F. Geithner. Stanley Ann later sent Barack Obama to be a ghost student at Columbia University where he was mentored by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who harbored a hatred of Russia, and somehow was involved in Barack going to Pakistan for three weeks while it was off limits to American citizens. Stanley Ann later watched as Zbigniew Brzezinski created the Mujahideen which was aided by Osama bin Laden who had toured America while working with Frank Carlucci in the early 1980s, but Osama was later used as a propaganda tool on May Day, 2011 by President Barack H. Obama.

    There is nothing particularly unusual about Barry's background except for his mothers first name, so why worry!