Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Only Non-Disabled White Man Speaking at Rand's Launch Was... Rand Himself

By Steve Patterson

Rand Paul is all over the news after officially launching his presidential campaign. The announcement didn’t shock anybody, and by all accounts, pundits evaluated the event as a success. Personally, I thought it was sad – not because I think poorly of Rand Paul, but because the entire event gave a glimpse into the sorry state of American politics.

Politics, in general, is about manipulation and illusion. But this particular event was so overtly manipulative, it was disturbing. The message of the event wasn’t about ideas; it wasn’t about political theory; it was about associating Rand Paul with happy feelings and emotions. It was about political strategy, demographics, and creating the right image for a presidential candidate.

Instead of appealing to our Reason, the event was crafted to send a clear message: Rand Paul is a feel-good guy, a family man, a patriot, and he appeals to many demographics: blacks, whites, Hispanics, men and women, old and young. It was 99% about creating image rather than communicating substance.

So, as we examine the series of speakers and keep in mind: every single person shown on that stage was deliberately chosen by political strategists. A group of professionals sat around a table crafting every minute of the event – designed to whip up voters’ emotions and play on their biases.

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