Friday, April 17, 2015

The 'Neocons for Rubio' Movement Continues to Develop

First, we had strong indications of Marco Rubio support from Bill Kristol. Now we have this from supreme neocon John Bolton:



  1. I went to school (military) with a lot of Cuban Batistites after the revolution. Hitler Youth ain't in it. Rubio is one of those.
    Judging from recent history:
    As goes the Cuban exiles, so goes Miami. As goes Miami, so goes Florida. As goes Florida, so goes the nation.
    I see this guy as a Repub. V.P. candidate. So, a Cruz / Rubio tick?? Talk about the G.O.P. recapturing the Latino vote.

  2. It is time for a Marco Rubio is NOT a natural born citizen movement to begin.

  3. In a more sane country, a tweet like this would be the kiss of death for any candidate. Of course, in a sane country, John Bolton would be in prison for his multiple acts of treason and other criminal conspiracy.

    As vonu points out, Rubio isn't eligible for the office of president because he's an immigrant. This is a comical example of the GOP's "me too" tactics. They're running their own immigrant candidate for prez. Of course, they haven't yet outdone the dems there, since Rubio isn't an illegal immigrant like Obama.