Friday, April 10, 2015

The Blame Game In California Is So Predictable

By Chris Rossini

Markets clear....that's basic economics.

Whenever you hear of shortages, your first question should be "at what price"?

Sniff around and you'll find that government has interfered in the market in one (or more likely) many ways. Government has somehow messed with pricing signals.

When it comes to water, we have the equivalent of Soviet Czars running the show. When shortages in California arrived, the fingers should have immediately been pointed at the Czars. Alas, the American public, largely brainwashed in schools (also run by Czars) give the central planners a pass.

The central planners must do something! These are "special times" that require "special measures"!

That's music to a Czar's ear. Not only is it thrilling to play central planner, but now they get to ration! What a rush! The eyes of the brainwashed look up at them, as they impose their arbitrary will.

Few realize that they are the true villains. Instead, it's the rich who are the bad guys. The rich are using more than their quota. It's the almonds....THE ALMONDS!!! Or Nestle, because they're 'using too much water' for their bottled water products.

Do these misled individuals ever stop to wonder why there isn't a shortage of bottled water?

Could it be because there are market prices for bottled water?


Right now government is begging an entire state to use less of their centrally-planned water.

When was the last time a private entity begged you to buy less of their product? Think hard.

When has McDonald's said: "Sorry, we can't serve you today. Come back on either Tuesday or Thursday."

When has the local pizza shop said: "We're serving people with license plates that end in even numbers today. If your plate ends in an odd number or a letter, we're sorry, but no plate of pizza for you."

If you ever do notice a shortage at some private entity, sniff around for the government. You'll find their stench somewhere....either in "anti-gouging laws" or "price controls," or some other market hindrance that they've created.

The misled (and government's media) never bother to look. The finger automatically gets pointed elsewhere. They'll stoop so low as to blame almonds.

How sadly predictable.

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