Friday, April 10, 2015

The Beating Continues REPORT:Rand Paul walks out of Guardian interview

He actually didn't. He left after telling the reporter one more question and answering the question.

But Politico is spinning it this way: Rand Paul walks out of Guardian interview. And the Guradian has titled the video the same way.

Check it out for yourself.

There is a target on Rand's back, not that this bothers me any more than a target on Hillary's back, but it does show you how the media operates in a crowd mentality fashion.



  1. I'm not defending Rand, but I will say that the bad press he's received for the interviews with female reporters is designed to help Hillary become president. Women are supposed to break through the glass ceiling, but men are never to say anything that could appear "mean" to a woman. Once enough male candidates get roasted by the media for how they treat women, Hillary can then hammer away at her more than likely male opponent. If he dares defend himself, he'll receive the misogynist label.

  2. I'm sick of Rand's suckup to the Neocons as much as anyone. However, I think the Republican base HATES the MSM (other than Fox) and will love Rand for insulting them.

  3. Media Pressitutes doing the bidding of their crony bosses. Like trained seals trying to get a fish thrown to them for smear job well done!

  4. If you are in front of a camera and become visibly frustrated, you have lost, period.