Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rubes For Rubio!

By Chris Rossini

Hillary isn't the only "champion of the middle class" you know.

Here's Marco Rubio to NPR:
"And so I hope the Republican Party can become the champion of the working class because I think our policy proposals of limited government and free enterprise are better for the people who are trying to make it than big government is."
Limited government & free enterprise, eh?

Robert Wenzel has pointed out the neocons who are lining up behind Rubio. Perhaps they like this kind of "limited government" stuff from Rubio (from 2013):
"While the President’s budget attempts to address some of the defense cuts imposed by sequestration, I am concerned that it does nothing to reverse the damaging impact that cuts have already had on our military readiness. America is becoming less capable of projecting power and deterring conflict wherever it arises."
That pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it? The Empire isn't big enough.

And how's this for "free enterprise"...from earlier this year:
"The U.S. government should implore American technology companies to cooperate with authorities so that we can better track terrorist activity and monitor terrorist communications as we face the increasing challenge of homegrown terrorists radicalized by little more than what they see on the Internet."
Vote for Marco! He'll keep a good eye on everyone.

Bamboozlefest '16 is already in full swing...and there are more characters to come!

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