Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ron Paul Groped by TSA!

Megan Stiles writes:
Tonight, while traveling home to Houston, TX, C4L Chairman Ron Paul was groped by TSA agents while passing through security. A long opponent of the TSA, Dr. Paul, voted against creating the massive department while in Congress.
This is just disgusting but how indicative of the current state of America, when one of the greatest freedom fighters in the country is treated like this by agents of the state.


(ht  Felix Bronstein)


  1. To me, Ron Paul was experiencing nothing more than a little karma for having run two of the most disingenuous presidential campaigns in my lifetime. When he ran as a Republican in the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, he told insiders that he said what he thought, and the rest was politics. What he meant by politics was that he was mainly concerned with feathering his nest by creating lists of donors which could be a valuable financial asset. Ron Paul and his staff treated the Ron Paul Revolution as nothing more than mentally unbalanced "believers" who needed to be shunned at every turn.

    The disingenuous nature of his presidential runs is now easy to discern in hindsight because his fraudulent attempt to change the Republican party at the state and local level to libertarian principals has been swept away in such a manner as to make the effort appear as nothing more than vacuous.

    1. Whatever.

      Please don't lump Dr. Paul in with his campaign staff, who now appear to be nothing but a bunch of money and power-hungry opportunists who are all subject to intense legal scrutiny.

      Dr. Paul consistently got the message out and his two campaigns brought more people over to libertarianism than anything any other individual, save Ayn Rand, has done since. Further, Dr. Paul embraced all of those who supported him, even the "crazies;" it was Benton, et al., that found them "distasteful" because it made them, not necessarily Dr. Paul, look bad.

      As for "karma," Dr. Paul is used to this and he's stated so on many occasions. He's had both of his knees replaced, so he cannot be scanned using the porno-scanners, and thus always opts out, going with the pat down. None of this is any news.

    2. "his two campaigns brought more people over to libertarianism than anything any other individual, save Ayn Rand,"

      Again with the Ayn Rand yadda. Ayn draws self absorbed pseudo intellectuals to objectivism. Ron draws young people into the trap of "working within the system". I'm not a fan of either of them.