Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Oh Boy, Rand Gets Testy With a Reporter

and MSM won't stop focusing on it:
The Hill: Rand Paul in spat with second reporter

New York Magazine: Rand Paul Tells Savannah Guthrie How to Do Her Job in Cringeworthy Interview

Washington Post: Rand Paul’s problem with female interviewers just cropped up again

TIME: Watch Rand Paul Accuse Today’s Savannah Guthrie of ‘Editorializing’

Bloomberg: One Day After Declaring for President, Rand Paul Picks a Fight With the Media  
National Journal: Rand Paul Again Scolds a Reporter for Asking Him Uncomfortable Questions
And don't miss E! weighing in: Rand Paul Gets Snippy With Savannah Guthrie, Offers "a Better Way to Approach" Interviewing Him 

Wolf Blitzer asked him about it on CNN just hours later.

This you might say is Rand losing control of the message.

Beyond the testy response by Rand, which is really about a candidate creating his own bad optics, the real problem is that the questions are on target about Rand's flip flops.

He has backed himself into a corner attempting to position himself favorably in front of his father's libertarian base, evangelicals and war hawks---all at the same time. The strategy makes no sense and MSM has figured it out. The questions aren't going to stop. He may flip his wig before it is all over.



  1. It looks and sounds like Rand was under the weather, sick, ill, not feeling well.

  2. Rand is floundering faster than I ever thought possible, and the image he is projecting to the public is a nightmare on several levels. Ronald Reagan got rather touchy with a reporter over the use of a microphone early in the 1980 primaries, but he was an experienced actor who could use the situation to his advantage in the eyes of the public. Rand just looks pathetic and out of his comfort zone when under pressure in these recent interviews. In a way he reminds me of Richard Nixon after he lost the 1962 California gubernatorial election and lashed out at the reporters after his most recent loss.

    I can not think of a single instance in over 55 years of watching presidential election campaigns where a candidate of a major party has stumbled out of the gate so badly as Rand Paul has in only the first two days of his campaign. Brutal!

  3. That wasn't a reporter Reagan "got rather touchy with", it was the moderator of a debate between he and Bush that his campaign was fully paying for, who when dealing with a debate format matter asked that Reagan's microphone be turned off.