Thursday, April 2, 2015

MUST LISTEN Peter Schiff: If You're Not Free to Discriminate, You're Not Free

Be sure to vist  Peter Schiff's Gold News Blog?


  1. I don't see how any thinking, rational person could listen to this program and still think that these "anti-discrimination" laws make any sense. What is it about personal freedom that the masses and the politically correct are so afraid of?

    1. They're afraid because they're cowards. They're weak and too lazy to think for themselves. It's funny how I hear some Idiot Leftists say, "Yeah, I was a libertarian when I was young but then I grew up". These dolts don't realize that they didn't "grow up", they became LAZY and cowardly.

  2. They've been brainwashed into thinking jim crow is the default business model without government "protection"!