Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jerry Brown Oddly Silent on Hillary Presidential Announcement

As Breitbart notes. California Democrats were effusive in their support for Hillary Clinton after she announced that she will run for the presidency.

“Here we go! Super excited about ‪@hillaryclinton running for President!!” gushed California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom on Twitter Sunday.

Barbara Boxer tweeted out: "In 1920 women got the right to vote. One hundred years later, let’s make sure there’s a woman in the White House!"

But  California Governor Jerry Brown remained silent following Hillary's announcement. Does Brown, who just turned 77 last week, think he has a chance at the crony crown, if  Hillary slips?

Don't think for a minute that the unpredictable Brown would be a better choice than Hillary. He is totally unpredictable, sometimes making sound decisions but often displaying a militaristic bent that suggests he should have been nicknamed  Rocket Launcher Brown instead of moonbeam.

As I have previously pointed out,  early in his political career, he was a trustee for the Los Angeles Community College Board. While in that position, he suggested “an airborne campus strike force to curb violence” that would employ “no-nonsense tactics” against student protesters. “It would have a fleet of jets, and members of the strike force would be equipped with crowd-control devices such as tranquilizer guns, wood pellet guns and water cannons.”

While Mayor of Oakland, Rocket Launcher Brown founded in 2001 the Oakland Military Institute.

According to the OMI website, "Brown had a vision for a school with high expectations for student achievement, conduct, character, patriotism, and leadership.  The founding leadership team of the school consisted of Brigadier General Ezell Ware, Brigadier General Ralph Marinaro, Colonel Gary Richards, Chief Warrant Officer Gerald Martin, Chief Warrant Officer Garrett Roosevelt, and Chief Warrant Officer Harold Newson."

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