Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jeb Wants Puerto Rico To Be The 52nd U.S. State

By Chris Rossini

Jeb Bush on Puerto Rico:
“I’ve favored statehood for a long time,” Bush told the crowd of statehood supporters and former Governor Luis Fortuño, whom invited him to the event. “I think there should be a statehood referendum and the next president should work on it.”
Of course, we all know that Jeb wants to be "the next president" and money is rolling in hand-over-fist to help make that so.

When I think of Puerto Rico becoming the 52nd U.S. state, it makes me want to grab my wallet to make sure it's still there.

Puerto Rico, after all, is swimming in debt....$73 billion of it.

Jeb wants to scoop up the Greece of the Caribbean and add it to the Empire, which itself is the largest debtor on the planet.

I'll tell you one person who might not be happy to see Puerto Rico formally join the Empire....Peter Schiff.

Schiff recently announced that he's moving to Puerto Rico in an effort to shake off Uncle Sam's grubby hands. Looks like Peter might have to pack up his stuff again!

(Note: Please do not comment that Puerto Rico would be the 51st state, and not the 52nd.)


  1. The difference between Israel and, say, Oklahoma, is that Oklahoma doesn't get to dictate U.S. foreign policy.
    On another subject:
    Puerto Rico has voted down statehood before with good reason. They have the best of both worlds. Special status as a territory, and all the bennies of citizens.

  2. Seems more like the USA is an Israeli state.

  3. Why bother with formalities?