Friday, April 3, 2015

Indiana Pizza Shop Is Rewarded Handsomely

By Chris Rossini

Indiana Governor Mike Pence may have folded like a deck of cards to mob rule, but the now famous pizza shop in the state did not.

Apparently, a donation fund was setup for the shop, and it has raised (as of this writing) $750,000.

I think there are a couple of lessons in this: First, don't look for "leadership" from those parasites standing on pedestals. When it comes to keeping to your principles against the mobs, they're nowhere to be found. A pizza shop, that gets none of the pomp and circumstance, can make a much greater impact than those phonies.

Second, it's nice to see that there are so many people in America that still place a value on private property and the right to associate with whoever you want. $750,000 is not chump change. That's serious money.

I'm encouraged.


  1. I seriously doubt those donors know anything about property rights and freedom, but at least it's nice to see someone stand up for themselves.

  2. The whole uproar in Indiana about making intolerance criminal makes me wonder what people really want. Don't they realize that making what a person "thinks" illegal forces them to push their thoughts down into a dark place where they fester? Perhaps the reason race is still an issue is because "thinking" racist is politically incorrect. Thus, the racist thoughts do not get eradicated, but simply go underground and fester. Give me an honest racist any day. Give me an honest bigot, and we will talk. Shed light on these dark places. That's the only real way to end racism and intolerance. Nothing is ever definitively achieved by force. Quite the contrary.