Friday, April 10, 2015

Hillary to Launch Campaign This Weekend With ‘Insane’ Fundraising Push

David Freedlander reports:
In a few days, Clinton will at last announce the obvious—she’s running for president. And she’ll use her first week as a candidate to raise ‘an insane amount of money,’ an insider says.
After the announcement comes the deluge.

Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her presidential campaign this weekend, most likely on Sunday, sources in the Clinton operation tell The Daily Beast.

After that, the nascent campaign will embark on a fundraising push that the Clinton camp says will dwarf anything seen in the history of presidential politics.

“They are going to raise in one week what some Republican presidential candidates are going to raise the entire cycle,” said one Clinton aide.

On Saturday afternoon, Ready for Hillary, the super PAC that has been a Clinton campaign-in-waiting in the years since Clinton left the State Department, will host what is likely a final fundraising push at SouthwestNY, a sleek Tex-Mex restaurant steps from the rebuilt World Trade Center.

From then on, Ready for Hillary will encourage its 3.6 million supporters to give to Clinton’s real campaign while the super PAC quietly dissolves.

Ready for Hillary has raised close to $15 million from nearly 150,000 donors, and Clintonistas believe that those same donors alone could give as much as 10 times that amount to a Clinton campaign....

After Clinton announces her candidacy, she will likely jet off to the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire early next week. While most presidential campaigns strategize over how to get media attention, Clinton operatives trying to figure out how to wrangle a ballooning press corps that for weeks has competed over such small-bore issues as which empty Brooklyn loft space will house her campaign headquarters and looked for meaning in every Clinton facial expression and utterance since 2012.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been prodigious Democratic fundraisers, but they will enter the 2016 election cycle as newcomers to the post-Citizens United world of campaign finance. Super PACs associated with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), for example, have raised $31 million since he announced his campaign last week. And former Florida governor Jeb Bush has embarked on a “shock and awe” fundraising blitz to overwhelm his Republican rivals.

Hillary Clinton intends to upstage them all


  1. $50 million or $150 million, its small potatoes compared to the billions and trillions she will be able to influence if elected to the worlds biggest crime syndicate. The only human thing bigger is the market place. Over 6 billion people generating immeasurable wealth as they each persist in pursuing their own perceived self interest. My money's on the market place.

  2. How stupid are these 19 months going to be?