Saturday, April 4, 2015

Examining the Hit Job on Razib Khan

By Gavin McInnes

Whenever I see liberals salivating over some black guy I’ve never heard of, my first instinct is always suspicion. Call it “Obama Trauma.” When they described Neil deGrasse Tyson like he was the second coming of Christ, I suspected he might be merely mortal. Turns out, I was right. So, when some obscure South African comedian became heir to the Daily Show throne, I was convinced it was not because he had comedy chops but because he symbolized some kind of Kumbaya version of the world. The woman who hired him basically said as much. She told The Hollywood Reporter, “having someone with a global perspective is important for us.” If you check out his stand up, you will likely end up at this video where he talks about walking down the street as a kid in South Africa and having to avoid his white dad because interracial marriage was illegal. This makes him look like some kind of global Freedom Rider but it’s a lie.

However, when the left started attacking him for politically incorrect jokes, I had to abandon my disagreements with Noah and get all Voltaire on they asses. He may be annoying and his position is clearly an example of affirmative action in comedy but when you declare war on jokes, you declare war on freedom and that battle trumps all others. Noah angered the left with quips such as, “Messi doesn’t go down easy, just like Jewish chicks,” “South Africans know how to recycle like israel [sic] knows how to be peaceful” and “‘Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I’m sexy!’ – fat chicks everywhere.” Big fucking deal. Why do the Thought Police want someone fired for that? Well, they’d argue, bigotry such as Noah’s could lead to discrimination in the future and that may one day lead to black people not being hired for jobs at, say, Comedy Central. “The Hypotheticals” as I’ve begun calling them, want to fire a black man today to safeguard black jobs in the future. This is a bizarre mindset that is all utopia and no logic. Like all far left politics, it hurts real people today in the name of helping hypothetical people in the future.
“When he’s not getting racists fired, Trotter appears to have devoted a huge portion of his journalistic career to outing gays.”

We soon learned Noah will be fine because he’s protected by a force field of liberal institutions. This makes him immune to all criticism including that of other liberal institutions. There are limits to this force field however. Comedy Central will stand by an anti-Semite if he’s black but the New York Times isn’t going to go near a South Asian who fraternizes with the enemy.

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