Friday, April 3, 2015

Daily Paul to Shutdown on Heels of Rand Paul Announcement to Seek Presidential Announcement

Wow, reading between the lines here, it appears that  Michael Nystrom is no fan of Rand.

He posted today at his web site:
Well Daily Paul, this is it. It's like that Hemingway quote about how a man goes broke: "First gradually, then suddenly."
For the Daily Paul and its existence, the suddenly part is here.
I've been talking about this for a long time now, about archiving the Daily Paul, about moving on. I have been yapping about it for so long that some have backhandedly accused me of drama.
But now the time is here. It is the end of the line for the Daily Paul. Seven to ten days is what we've got.
Say your goodbyes. Cherish what we had, what we shared, and what we still have, for now. A week is a long time.
We'll watch the opening of the Rand Paul campaign. That should be interesting. But thenI'll have to go, because my alliance is not with any politician or any political party, butwith Liberty herself. And with the name of the site as it is, I have no other choice.
I thought I did; thought I could reorient the site, but it is clear that I cannot; that the baggage is too heavy.
I love you all, and you're all welcome at the new joint.


  1. Hmm... I am not so sure Robert. Daily Paul is tied with Ron Paul and his followers. If Nystrom is shutting it down right before the Rand Paul campaign starts, to me, that suggests a connection. I wonder if someone on the Rand campaign found a pressure point against Nystrom and squeezed in order to shut down serious libertarian criticism of the Rand campaign? It is just a thought. You can expect the claws to come out from Rand partisans if there is even the slightest criticism against him from the home team during the Rand Paul campaign. They have basically turned into NeoCons using all of their rhetorical tricks. As far as how actual libertarians should respond to the campaign, I think the criticism should be even handed, praising the good while criticizing the bad. That way when the campaign is over the partisans get discredited as the hacks they are and those that keep their heads about them get raised up in libertarian public opinion.

    1. Nystrom has alluded in the past that there are Rand Paul trolls taking over the site. He's tried to control it by changing the process of how to join, but it might not be working.

    2. What you are suggesting is possible, but whenever I went to Daily Paul it was crawling with Rand Paul apologists who could not understand why libertarians had a problem with Rand's increasingly neocon bent. I think Michael Nystrom may have thought that Rand's significant number of followers on the site may have started to frustrate libertarians to the point that they would have stopped going there once the campaign was officially launched. I can't be the only one who grew really tired of the phrase "Rand is only playing the game".

    3. Amusing, Anonymous. As I have said before, everyone sees what they want to see. The relationship to reality is random at best. Robert thinks I'm closing the site because I hate Rand Paul. You think it is because the Rand Paul campaign found a "pressure point" against me.

      It is all conjecture. Amusing conjecture at that.

    4. Good Luck on the new Site, Michael!!!!

    5. "Everyone sees what they want to see." Not everyone Michael, just most. So obviously I was mistaken in my conjecture about your motives. That's good to hear. That being the case, what is your motivation for shutting down the site?

    6. Robert Wenzel's whole blog has become conjecture. Half of his posts are an attempt to bring down Rand and at the same time tries to promote Ted Cruz and Rand's other opponents--not because he supports Cruz but solely because we will do anything he can to try and bring down Rand. Obviously Ted Cruz is the real neo-con snake but Robert seems to have gotten his little feelings hurt by Rand so he insists on trying to defame the closes candidate we have to Liberty. Poor Mr. Wenzel! Don't be sad!

  2. To me, it's the end of an era. Mike will always be one of my all time heroes. It's only been a few years since the great RP campaigns, but as I look back, we seemed so much younger then. That's what hope does to you, I guess.
    Nonetheless, we woke up a lot of people. Oh, and I've learned a lot myself.

  3. An alternative to DailyPaul is It's a user run site that links stories across the web that concern the Liberty movement. Links to this site as well. Useful for a quick review of today's headlines like Drudge but focused on Liberty.

  4. It was a regular stop for me during the Ron Paul campaign. Thanks Michael for a great site!

  5. The trolls on DailyPaul weren't pro-rand, they were just typical paid establishment shills. Nystrom's a sellout and should be ashamed of himself.