Thursday, April 9, 2015

Can Rand Paul Do This?

WaPo reports:
GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz vaulted to the top tier of the 2016 money race Wednesday as supporters announced that super PACs backing his bid had raised $31 million in a single week.

The haul — which ranks as one of the biggest fundraising surges in modern presidential-race history — served as a sudden wake-up call for the rest of the likely Republican field, particularly Jeb Bush, who until now had enjoyed his status as the premier fundraiser in the contest’s early stage....
Quite a few Republican veterans view Cruz, who helped instigate the 2013 federal government shutdown, as a wily gadfly with limited appeal to a broader electorate. But the prolific fundraising over the past two weeks suggests Cruz is running not as a longshot ideologue, but rather as a serious contender for the GOP nomination.
Cruz is an evil warhawk like the rest of them, but Platoon Rand fears him the most. He is going after the same voter blocs that Rand is after. This money raise by Cruz has to be worrying Platoon Rand.

Watch Rand's money raising capability. It has to be big. The high priced advisers in his platoon don't come cheap. Further, they are mercenaries, not ideological fanatics. If the paychecks don't come, they will jump camp quicker than you can say, "The check is in the mail."


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  1. The Zionist/NeoCon's clearly understand Cruz siphons away supporters from Rand who they deem as the real threat. Sheldon Adelson after all said he would personally bankroll the effort to stop Paul. I'd bet 30 of the 31 is from Adelson.