Tuesday, March 3, 2015

With "Libertarians" Like These...

By Chris Rossini

The Neocon Beacon (which goes by the name Free Beacon) reports:
Libertarian philanthropist David Koch is backing a federal challenge to same sex marriage bans, signing on to a Supreme Court brief urging the court to overturn state-level prohibitions on the practice.
The Free Beacon makes sure to slap the word "Libertarian" on that bad boy. It should conveniently muddy the waters for any casual observer.

First of all, a genuine libertarian position would be that government has absolutely no business being involved in any marriages whatsoever.

Second, even if a libertarian were to fall off the wagon, he would at least favor decentralized power. In other words, individual states would decide on the practice, and not a one-size-fits-all decision that is passed down by a Supreme Court.

David Koch shows no libertarian inclinations whatsoever, despite the fact that he's quoted as saying: "but I believe in the libertarian principles."

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