Saturday, March 21, 2015

Watch George Galloway Destroy Rand Paul Adviser

Rand Paul is attacking Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for accepting foreign donations from Saudi Arabia and other countries. This appears to be another Rand outreach to money bags Adelson. But there is a problem with this attack on Hillary/Adelson outreach.

As Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed points out, former Senator Norm Coleman, who lobbies for the Saudis, sits on Rand's Senate re-election leadership team.

Gray reports:
In an interview, Coleman said he advises Paul from time to time on Middle East issues. Paul “comes to me for advice, for counsel,” Coleman said. “I appreciate a lot of the positions that he stands for,” he said, citing Paul’s outreach to young people and the African-American community, as well as on privacy issues...
Rand Paul was reported to have been “courting” Coleman last summer, as part of an outreach push to Jewish Republicans.
Coleman confirmed that his work for the Saudis as a member of the firm Hogan Lovells, which was made public last September, is ongoing.
Stafford said that Coleman is a “friend and supporter” and that he sits on Paul’s Senate re-election campaign leadership team.

Never let it be forgotten how George Galloway destroyed Rand's adviser during testimony before a senate subcommittee.

If Rand was serious about peace in the Middle East, he would have Galloway as an adviser and not Coleman.


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  1. If Rand Paul is really serious about peace in the middle east, he needs to work to defund the Zionists who won't rest until it is a smouldering field of nuclear craters created by Israel's 200 nuclear warheads and as many as others toss in there.