Monday, March 30, 2015

Walter Block Speech Schedule

Walter Block posts:
Hey, if you’re in these cities, c’mon by. All of these lectures are free and open to the public:
April 21, 2015. Loyola Society for Civic Engagement (LSCE) is doing a final event of the semester in which we explore the ideologies and applicability to Libertarianism when it comes to modern society. Basically, what libertarianism is and where is it going in American Politics, all viewed in a critical (but not too critical light). Contact: Amy Pirtle []; thuy [] 
April 25, 2015. Mario Barnes []; Libertarian Convention in MS; Mario Barnes. Chairman, Libertarian Party of Mississippi,, Cell 001 228 297 8894;;
May 30, 2015. Zack Banks []; Libertarian Party of Washington state convention in Vancouver, WA at the Red Lion. Zack Banks, Director, Libertarian Party of Washington Region 5;
July 16-18, 2015. Toronto, Canada. Rothbard University.
July 19-25, 2015. Auburn AL. Mises University;
August 1, 2015. Vancouver B.C., Canada. “Capitalism & Morality 2015.”
November 2, 2015. Yale University Political Union. Contact: Eliza Scruton []

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