Friday, March 6, 2015

US Expands Russian-Aimed Propaganda Budget by More than 100%

The US State Department official caught on tape plotting the overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian government, which has led directly to the current hostilities in the region, has expanded her global meddling.

Speaking before the US House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, US Assistant Secretary of European Affairs Victoria Nuland said that the State Department is vastly increasing its budget for battling what she calls “the Kremlin’s pervasive propaganda campaign poisoning minds across Russia, on Russia’s periphery, and across Europe.”

“This year, the [Broadcasting Board of Governors] is committing $23.2 million to Russian-language programming,” Nuland told the committee. “A 49% increase since [fiscal year 2014].”

The State Department is also requesting an additional $20 million, which would “ramp up efforts to counter lies with truth.”

The money will be used for a variety of purposes. According to Nuland’s testimony, part of the funds will be used to support student exchange programs and promote civil watchdog groups. But much of the money will also be used to “counter Russian propaganda through training for Russian-speaking journalists,” as well as providing access to “fact-based” news outlets.

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  1. When W eased out of the White House, and Obama eased in, it was easy to see that we got a new dog with the same old fleas on him. The neocon fleas jumped off of Bush I and onto Clinton, then off of Clinton and onto Bush II. Naturally, they made themselves at home on Obama as well.

    No matter who occupies that big Section 8 house on Pennsylvania Ave, the same gang of warmongering scum will infest the beds there.