Monday, March 9, 2015

The Future of Girlification

By John Derbyshire

Here’s a clip from my read-it-and-weep folder. It showed up in a February 11th Washington Post article, headline: “College sexual assault prevention has unlikely model: U.S. service academies.”
Midshipmen—that is, trainee officers—at the U.S. Naval Academy are being broken to the state ideology, Cultural Marxism. We listen in on a class discussion.
Spirited debate broke out after the sophomores watched a video that said the “three most destructive words” a boy hears when growing up are “be a man.”
Speaking personally, I’d say that the three most destructive words I heard when growing up were “In your dreams,” uttered by an attractive young female. I heard that a lot; but perhaps my upbringing was abnormal.
[A class member] pointed out: “When someone says, ‘Be a man,’ the alternative to not being a man is kind of being a female, being a woman.” He said that implies women—including their own female classmates at the academy—are not as strong as men. “That’s a lot of the root causes of all these things,” he said. “That’s wrong.”
If you want to be an officer in the US Navy nowadays, you’d better pretend to believe that it’s wrong to think that women are not as strong as men.
Since women in the generality are not as strong as men, the authorities at our service academies have to figure out some way to prevent reality from intruding on the CultMarx fantasy. My guess is they do this by scaling down the physically strenuous aspects of training. Thus the girlification of our civilization proceeds.

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  1. "My guess is they do this by scaling down the physically strenuous aspects of training." Women in the military never have been required to pass the same physical fitness test as the men.