Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Apple, the Tree, and Voices for Liberty; Bionic Mosquito on Rand Paul

By Bionic Mosquito

I write very little anymore about Rand Paul – this has been true for quite some time (in the last twelve months, I find exactly two posts labeled with his name…well, now three). This doesn’t mean I don’t pay some attention to what he is doing, it just means I don’t view him as much more than another politician – with my interest these days solely due to my deep respect for what his father has accomplished.

I never found him to be a worthy successor to the work his father has done.  My first post was prompted by Rand’s decision to endorse Romney – he could have been a contender, meaning there was a calling waiting for him to take up; instead, he chose another path – the path of least resistance that will result in the least benefit to freedom.

Sometime later, I suggested he could be the next Reagan – obviously not because of his speaking ability.  Despite his shortcomings on principle (relatively minor at the time – compared to today), his was the best voice to place on the stage in front of the masses to lead the country out of the mess left by his democratic and very liberal predecessor.

I have been somewhat sympathetic to the Walter Block view that – whatever his shortcomings – Rand will be at least slightly less the warmonger than anyone he will face in the Republican (and likely general) elections….just as I am certain that had McCain or Romney or Hillary been president instead of Obama, the US would have done even more damage globally.

All of this is background for the latest: Rand has recently joined 46 other senators in an effort to scuttle any negotiation with Iran.  He wants to increase defense spending significantly.  In other words, he has gone full and complete neo-con – not even pretending be concerned about his father’s base anymore (yet I know many will remain fooled).

I can’t say that I lost faith long ago, as I never had faith.  However, I think Rand has completely fumbled away the natural advantage he had – the one I anticipated when I wrote that he could be the next Reagan.  He has almost completely wiped away any USP he had at one time.  Now, he cannot be differentiated from any of his peers.

The good news?  It is nice to see Justin Raimondo finally giving up – a few years too late, but it seems he has finally seen the light.

Raimondo went much farther than Block…at least as I recall.  Block could hold his nose in support.  Raimondo was using both arms for a bear hug.

I have such high regard for Raimondo’s work regarding war and empire.  I hope his awakening sticks – fooling the innocent is not something any anti-war or libertarian thought-leader should engage in.

The above originally appeared in a longer piece at Bionic Mosquito titled: Miscellaneous Debris.


  1. I don't get why some of these people stuck with this fraud so long. The first statist vomit that came out of his mouth was when I dropped him like a hot potato. Why? I knew where he was going. It wasn't hard. I really don't get Block or Raimondo. Talk about being willingly blind.

    Go figure?

    Remember guys, once you start compromising on your principles it never stops until you've given them all away.

    1. It is only because his last name is Paul.

      If Rand's last name was Romney or Gingrich, they would not give one ounce of effort to defend him.

      Amazing to see Block so beguiled by a last name.

      Perhaps he is working on a new chapter to his book, 'Defending the Undefendable'

      Rand Paul

    2. "Amazing to see Block so beguiled by a last name. "

      Yeah it kind of shocks me too.

      And me? I don't go for names. I go for IDEAS. Most people are weak and pathetic. They need some other person to worship. I prefer ideas and one s that work.