Monday, March 23, 2015

Reverse Engineering A "Socially Responsible" Corporate Ad

By Chris Rossini

I came across this nugget of Corporate "Social Responsibility" in my Facebook feed this morning. It immediately reminded me of the recent Starbucks #RaceTogether debacle from the past week.

This one is from Gap, and it has all the trendy buzzwords of the day. It shows that Gap is following the politically-correct script to the letter:

Ok...let's reverse engineer this sucker.

First, Gap wants to publicly display that it desires clean water *for women*. This is one of the hot progressive narratives these days. If you're not targeting gender, you're not in the game. Gap didn't opt to support clean water for everyone, but for *women* specifically.

Try to imagine Gap desiring clean water *for men* specifically. The pitchforks would come out, and a public apology would be demanded. Apologies are very big these days. Corporations have to tip-toe around on cat's feet.

Next, this American clothing company is showing that it's part of The Global Village by seeking clean water for women *in India*. Gap points out that together we can "change the world". It's not a coincidence that throughout the entire progressive era, the U.S. military has been attempting to do the same with tanks and fighter jets.

Moving on...Next, we come to the very important buzzwords "sustainable access". The word "sustainable" comes directly out of the environmentalist lexicon. Apparently Gap wants to show that it's not interested in providing water if it defaces, exploits, or defiles the Earth's very delicate resources. They surprisingly left out the words "carbon footprint," but I'm sure they were on the storyboard for this campaign as well.

The word "access" is a euphemism for FREE. In the Global Village, words like trade, and voluntary exchange are dirty words. If you're going to say "trade" you best put the word "fair" right in front of it. Otherwise? Pitchforks.

To further drive home what the word "access" means, here's another example of its use:

So there you have it my fellow libertarian. These are the times that we live in. Get used to it. Should Queen Hillary take the Crown next year, this stuff will go into overdrive.

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