Friday, March 20, 2015

'Race Together' Starbucks Has Special Stores for Government Trained Killers, But....

Feature only whites in the promotion of the stores.

Huh, I thought for sure that a couple of government trained killers were black.

Starbucks writes:
When Starbucks launched its groundbreaking commitment to support veterans and military spouses in November 2013, the company also announced that it would give special designation to stores that serve military communities.

Starbucks unveiled the first two Starbucks Military Community Stores at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington and Joint Base San Antonio in Texas, with a portion of each purchase benefiting non-profit veterans programs. In making the announcement, Starbucks expressed its intention to open a total of three additional Military Community Stores by 2018.

Tim Bomke, Starbucks manager for military and veterans affairs and a U.S. Army veteran, was part of the team that traveled around the country to scout future store locations. They soon realized there were many more communities that could benefit than they had imagined with the original Military Community Store model.

“All Starbucks stores should reflect the communities they serve,” Bomke said. “When we traveled to military communities across the country, we heard from our partners and customers that we want more of these places where we can connect in a more personal way.”

So what's the deal? Does Bomke, who is white, think only white people reflect these killer communities? In addition to the government trained killers that are featured being all white, so are the Starbuks "partners" serving them:

Also notice all the people on the wall in the pictures behind Bomke are white.

I tell you, this Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is one hell of a character.



  1. I had lunch yesterday with one of my mentor's, a man that founded a couple of start ups and lives comfortably in retirement now in his late 70's.

    We briefly discussed the Starbuck's thing and he had an interesting, instant opinion on the matter(paraphrasing):

    "Well, sometimes when people make so much money/have so much success they start to think they are infallible, like God. It actually makes some of them literally "crazy". I've seen it now and then. Also, when they have the kind of money that Schultz has they don't even care sometimes when their stocks drop because it's a literal drop in the bucket for them."

  2. As a guy who grew up in Seattle, this guy absolutely makes me sick. He bought the Sonics, crony-style, got the city to put up a bunch of money, ran the team into the ground and sold them to another crony from OKC when the Sea-crats ran out of money to give him.

  3. Wait a minute! I thought Starbuck was against the use of guns? Oh, you mean against people who don't share their beliefs having guns to defend themselves, now I see.