Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NYPO: Cornell Dean Says ISIS Welcome on Campus in Undercover Video

Rupert Murdoch's warmongering rag, the New York Post, is featuring an absolutely absurd story on the front page of its web site.

A reporter with an undercover camera walks into the office of Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido and talks to him about potential events the reporter, posing as a potential student, would like to bring to campus, if he decides to attend Cornell.

Now, I wouldn't put Scaffido in the same intellectual category as, say, David Gordon, but he does seem to be a generally nice guy, who believes that all sides of a story should be openly debated. Good for him!

The reporter asks him if it would be okay to bring on campus speakers who could present the view of 'the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria.." It is not clear if Scaffido gets that the reporter is referring to ISIS, since the reporter never uses the word ISIS. It's a kind of trap the reporter is conducting by not using the term ISIS. Using the term ISIDS would certainly send off intermediate alarm bells with Scaffido.

The reporter ends by asking if it would be okay to bring "freedom fighters" from the Islamic state. Note well, the reporter uses the term "freedom fighters," does the reporter and NyPo now think ISIS fighters are "freedom fighters" and not terrorists? It's another tactic to keep Scaffido off guard.

If the reporter actually said, "Can we bring ISIS terrorists into Cornell to train them on how to blow up buildings?" Joe would have had an entirely different response then the one he had. Joe said that bringing in such freedom fighters would be like bringing in a sports coach. Who knows what Joe was thinking, but I truly doubt that he was envisioning a class being taught by a bomb maker working for Muhammad al-Julani.

Anyway, here is the crazed propaganda from NyPo:



  1. I agree with your analysis. This is a completely idiotic, misleading video. And I'm not particularly a fan of people on either the right or left who like to play gotcha games by pretending to be something they are not.

  2. The quote at the bottom of this article says it all. He wasn't aware of what he was being asked.