Monday, March 9, 2015

NATO is Empire-Building, Not Putin

David Warsh writes:
I continue to get my news of Russia from even-handed Johnson’s Russia List – five issues last week alone, containing 188 items from the US, European and Russian press, most of which, needless to say, I did not read.  Two that I did stood out.

Jack Matlock, ambassador to the disintegrating Soviet Union under George H.W. Bush,  wrote  on his blog that the “knee-jerk” conviction that Vladimir Putin  was directly responsible for the deliberately shocking murder of Russian dissenter Boris Nemtsov overlooks other possibilities. “So far nothing is absolutely clear about this tragedy except that an able politician and fine man was gunned down in cold blood,” he concluded.

Peter Hitchens, in The Spectator, argued that It’s NATO that’s empire-building, not Putin. His principal authority, George Friedman, founder of the high-end publisher Stratfor, dates the current phase of the conflict from Putin’s refusal to go along with US policy in Syria in 2011.

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  1. Warsh quotes Peter Hitchens who quotes George Friedman of "Stratfor" , who was recently interviewed here.

    Friedman called it 'the most blatant coup in history.' He also analysed US strategy as part of a wider 'balance of power' strategy