Saturday, March 14, 2015

Justin Raimondo: Rand Paul Goes Full Warmonger


  1. As Lee Rockwell would say. It appears The neocons are frightfully scared peace might just break out.

  2. I must give credit to Justin Raimondo who ( I believe) was the first of us to call out Rand for what he has turned out to be. I recall Justin getting a LOT of flack about this, and I have to admit I was skeptical of Justin's claims, too. It now is clear Justin was dead-on. Why should I be surprised (if not ashamed of myself for doubting him). I rarely take issue with Justin's writings, and have found him to be well read and a bastion of facts to draw from. Kudos to you, Justin. And to Ron Paul...,my deepest sympathy that your honor and life's work is being summarily trashed by your own son (no doubt thoroughly enjoyed by your enemies) who, apparently, learned very little from his great father.

    1. Funny, ain't it? Thousands of political junkies turned libertarian are wailing and gnashing their teeth because a republican politician turned out to be a republican politician. Justin Raimondo did speak up earlier about Randy. It has always amazed me how so many otherwise intelligent people showed a lack of discernment when it came to Paul the Younger.