Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hillary's Secret Email Handles (Including "Mau Suit"?)

Although Hillary Clinton’s spokespeople have maintained that the former secretary of state only used one privately-controlled email address during her tenure, a hacker working in conjunction with Fox News discovered that there were multiple email addresses owned by Clinton. (VIDEO: Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Faces ‘Three Years In Jail, Per Document’)

The anonymous hacker used a tool called “The Harvester” to scour the Internet for other email addresses under the domain registered by Clinton. At least nine other email addresses have been discovered by the hacker, including some that are strikingly similar to the one avowed Hillary email,

Other accounts included: (?!)

The hacker tells Fox News’s James Rosen that there is no way to tell whether Clinton ever actually used any of the emails, but the name similarity makes him think it’s likely she did: ”I suspect hdr18 -hdr21 may have been used by [Clinton] as well as and….I’d also be interested to learn if there were ever hdr1@ thru hdr17@.”

(via the Daily Caller)

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