Sunday, March 22, 2015

Digging a Ditch & Filling It Back In (Empire Edition)

By Chris Rossini

While it's all military, all the time here at home in the United States, Jason Ditz of has an update as to what's going on overseas:
The Pentagon has issued a statement regarding it’s ongoing air war against ISIS today, reporting 2,320 airstrikes, and claiming the direct costs of the attacks so far were $1.83 billion.
Ditz alertly places the word "claiming" in there. If government is claiming $1.83 billion, you can place your chips on it being much higher. Government claims lots of things....inflation being 2% comes to mind, but I digress.

What, pray tell, is going on with all of these air strikes (that line the pockets of the military-industrial-complex)?
The statement attempts to focus on big “successes” in the attack, including 73 tanks destroyed, many of them US-made M1A1 tanks, and 282 Humvees, all of them US-made.
The successes are the filling in of ditches that U.S. foreign policy dug in the past. The Empire is attacking its bad decisions from the past.
...all this expensive military hardware they're destroying was originally US aid to Iraq, looted by ISIS, and is to be replaced with more US aid, with fingers crossed Iraq can hold onto it this time.
Not only are the prior ditches being filled in, new ones are being dug! Iraq gave up the weapons to ISIS the last time, so why not give them even more? Once again, the pockets of the military-industrial-complex are erupting.

If you can find a bigger scam on the entire planet I'd love to hear it. And you can't say The Fed or Democracy because they're both tied to the hip of this monster. In essence, the Empire has set up its own ditch-digging ecosystem.

No wonder the military propaganda in the U.S. is so thick. A scam like this needs a nation of believers and glorifiers.

Clear-thinking individuals need not apply. They're just a bunch of "blame America first" bozos, who don't "care about the troops," that are "fighting to keep us free".

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