Wednesday, March 4, 2015

David Koch Supports Government Involvement in Gay Marriage

Some libertarian David Koch is.

 Koch is backing a federal challenge to same sex marriage bans, signing on to a Supreme Court brief urging the court to overturn state-level prohibitions on the practice, reports the Free Beacon.

He will join hundreds of other activists, and public figures in asking the Supreme Court to prohibit states from outlawing the practice under the 14th Amendment.

The libertarian position, of course, should be to get government from playing a role in traditional marriages, not expanding the government role into the world of same sex marriage.



  1. Regardless of what libertarians think of government involvement in marriage, for the sake of decentralized power they should favor no Federal involvement in a state issue. This is just another power grab by the Feds.

    Also, I wonder if freedom loving 'libertarians' like Koch is willing to provide financial support to people who are being persecuted by the state for refusing to accommodate 'gay' weddings?

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