Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Email from Ross Ulbricht's Mother

Lyn Ulbricht emails:
Hi Bob,

Thanks for calling attention to this. Ross cannot defend himself, and I felt compelled to set the record straight. Despite the headline, Alex Bauer was not a roommate, or even much of friend, of Ross. They shared a house.

I wanted to send you what was left out of my comments to Reason. I also said:

You say: “It's easier to threaten a stranger's life via the internet than it is face-to-face. This was the case with Ross." For you to write, as if you actually know, that “this was the case with Ross,” I find astounding. Even the prosecution didn’t charge him with that.

Also, in reference to the statement that the other housemates were"troubled" by the planned murder allegations, along with the family, the fact is that another of the housemates flew to NY and testified on Ross’ behalf at trial. He doesn't believe those allegations either.
To be fair, Bauer emailed me after I posted to say he would edit these parts, although they are still up as of now. He also said he didn't write the headline and that he wished Ross the best, which I do appreciate.

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