Monday, February 2, 2015

Video Shows Copper Holding Teens At Gun Point Over A Snowball Fight

A video uploaded to LiveLeak shows a copper holding a couple of kids at gun point, allegedly over a snowball fight. The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday after winter storm Juno hit in New Rochelle, NY.


I love camera phones, The more of this stuff caught on tape, the more the general public will realize how bad many government employed coppers are bad actors.



  1. Pointing a gun at kids having a snowball fight? REALLY? Just when you think you've seen all the cowardly scum in government costumes the world up comes another one to outdo the rest.

  2. It is really pathetic that most of the countries don't have enough rule for the gun. So It is used by the people normally. That's why sometimes we face many problem by terrorist. I think get gun easily is the main reason of this problem.