Monday, February 23, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Cremated at an Early Age with Your Remains Ending Up in an Ammunition Can

Laurence M. Vance explains:
Killing Them Wasn’t Enough; That Wasn’t Enough Justice

So said the Marine sniper (Rob Richards) who urinated on the dead bodies of the Taliban he killed.  The investigation and court-martial by the Marine Corps of the “the baddest Marine ever” offered Richards a plea deal that reduced him a rank to corporal and allowed him to leave the military with an honorable discharge. He became addicted to pain killers and suffered from sleeplessness and night terrors.
That sniper has now died–at age 28 from an overdose of painkillers. He left a wife who begged him not to go back to Afghanistan for a third tour. His cremated remains now sit in an old ammunition can. This is how many Iraq and Afghanistan war vets end up–on drugs and dead at an early age.
Stay out of the military and keep everyone you know from joining. You never know where you or someone might be sent.


  1. Yea, but let's be honest, an ammo can is the perfect place for his ashes.

    It shows his commitment to war & death in addition to the ultimate worth of his life to the empire(that of a can of bullets).