Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Emperor & The Entrepreneur

By Chris Rossini

Slightly less than a decade ago, the current U.S. Emperor took the throne. Today he travels around San Francisco disturbing lives, and mustering all kinds of attention to himself.

Meanwhile, exactly a decade ago, something magnificent took place in the peaceful, voluntary marketplace:

The Emperor has created incalculable damage over the last decade.

Hurley catapulted human life forward like very few others before him in history.

The Emperor lavishes in bogus praise, with pomp and circumstance appended to every movement.

Hurley could be picked out of a lineup by only a small fraction of people. He lives in San Francisco. No one is inconvenienced by his presence. One billion people visit his entrepreneurial creation every single month.

The Entrepreneur trumps The Emperor.

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  1. Great post Chris! Is there any doubt that YouTube has enriched on the lives of people across the globe? (unlike gov't)