Saturday, February 28, 2015

Scenes from CPAC

Dimitri Kesari, former Ron Paul, Inc. operative, who made secret overtures and a check payment to Iowa political operative Kent Sorenson to induce him to jump from from the 2012 Michelle Bachmann presidential campaign to the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign ,was spotted at CPAC.

Sorenson was indicted and has plead guilty to taking under the table payments to jump. Sorenson's sentencing has been postponed until April. According to prosecutors, he is co-operating on an expanded case, which could very well include Kesari.

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  1. Look at that, I thought there were only paper tigers, not libertarians.

  2. Isn't that comical? Rand stands alone before his "I Stand With Rand" banner.

  3. That is too ironic... The opportunity to stand next to a flimsy, fake cardboard cutout! Hahahahahha