Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Samsung Smart TVs Are Inserting Ads Into Your Movies

Samsung’s Smart TVs are now inserting ads in your movies, reports Gigaom:
 Thought you could watch that video on your local hard drive without ads? Think again: A number of owners of Samsung’s smart TVs are reporting this week that their TV sets started to interrupt their movie viewing with Pepsi ads, which seem to be dynamically inserted into third-party content...
Reports for the unwelcome ad interruption first surfaced on a Subreddit dedicated to Plex, the media center app that is available on a variety of connected devices, including Samsung smart TVs. Plex users typically use the app to stream local content from their computer or a network-attached storage drive to their TV, which is why many were very surprised to see an online video ad being inserted into their videos. 
Gigaom thinks it might be a software error.

It would be really dumb yo do this to smart TV's. I would imagine competitors would immediately jump and promote their non-intrusive televisions.


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  1. Ads for Pepsi? Supposedly these "smart" TVs are recording your conversations and sending them back to corporate HQ probably any number of 3 letter gov't agencies. Boobus doesn't care, though. He could have big corked boots literally stomping on his face forever as long as he can watch his TeeVee and slurp down some HFCS flavored sodium water.