Friday, February 20, 2015

Ross Ulbricht Family Issues Post-Trial Statement: "We Were Shocked and Horrified By The Trial"

The following statement has been issued by the family of Ross Ulbricht, who was recently convicted of being the mastermind of Silk Road: 

Ross’ trial is now over.

We were shocked -- horrified really -- at how unfair it was. Day four saw a reversal from when we last wrote you. Before that we expected evidence favorable to Ross would continue to be presented, and the complete story told.

Instead, the government’s own exculpatory evidence was suppressed; defense witnesses were blocked from testifying; and Ross’ attorney was hamstrung, unable to effectively cross examine government witnesses. It was a one-sided presentation that suppressed facts essential to Ross’ defense.

This is a good overview from Forbes, read here. You can also read about the trial here, and about Ross during the trial here. We will continue to post more.

Ross’ attorney said he will appeal. This is not over! We believe it's essential for everyone to have a fair trial. When a trial isn’t fair, it is a threat to us all.

Meanwhile, this is a very hard time for Ross and our family. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us. Your love and support mean so much.

Please send Ross a note. It’s easy to feel cut off and despairing in prison. We know it will help him to hear from you. His address is below.

NEW YORK, NY  10007
As always, this is an expensive fight. We are facing a mountain of debt from the trial and need funds to pursue the appeal. Please spread the word, and donate if you can. 
Thank you,
The Ulbricht family


  1. A reason magazine article said Ross read Rothbard and Konkin (agorism). Everyone should read Rothbard's criticism of Konkin and understand that agorism is dangerous.

  2. The man is a hero who should be lauded for bringing voluntary buyers and sellers together, circumnavigating the tyranny of the booboisie. At this moment, I'm raising a glass to Ross. Cheers brother.

  3. Having been through a federal criminal trial myself, this description sounds like standard operating procedure. While I feel badly for the mother, she does express an astonishing naiveté of the system and process. A federal trial is not designed to find out the truth, or to have a discussion about the law. It is designed to get a perfunctory rubber stamp from the jury on an outcome that has already been decided.

    And the appeal process is designed to rubber stamp what was determined in the district court. I hope for her sake she does not put much hope in the appeal. It's highly unlikely to be reversed.